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The New Wealth Order Presents:  

CLO (Chief Life Officer)



The CLO Workshop is a 2-day intensive experience designed to help you explore, clarify and ignite the core of your true promise and passion. Learn how to make life happen for you and no longer let life happen to you.


Imagine if you were absolutely clear on what matters most to you, as well as what truly lights you up from the inside in addition to understanding what your innate construct of the world is. How different would your life from that day forth? What could you do or create? How many more people could you help or serve in your life? 

So many people are stuck, no matter what they read or hear they struggle with developing a clear understanding of what they want. Which is why a large number of the population is quite frustrated with their daily life.


People who achieve on the highest levels are always very clear about who they are and what they want. It is our intention to ensure that you leave this workshop with those two things in absolution so that you can truly design your life in the manner that you have always longed for. The CLO Workshop is about creating lasting change that allows you turn your potential into infinite power.


Breakfast and Lunch will be served 



Choose to be Exceptional!

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