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The New Wealth Order Presents: Financial Freedom Fighters

Presenters: Gerald DuBose  and Ellis Covington


Do you feel like your paycheck is severly smaller than it should be? Just can't seem to get  a foot hold on your finances? 

In this workshop discover how to take back control over the money in your life. Money is one of the biggest issues we tend to face in our adult life. Whether its the lack of having  enough of it or not knowing where to put it. Financial woes plague more than 65% of the US population. It doesn't have to be that way though.


Financial Freedom Fighters is for those wanting to learn how to take control of their personal finances and their future. At this event you will learn time tested and proven principles that have helped millions of people be able to steady their finances so they could live life on their own accord and you can too!


Make the right choice join us and let's fight for our natural born birth right to be financially free!!!!

Refreshments and Snacks will be served 



Choose to be Exceptional!

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