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One of life's main objectives is to achieve. The ongoing search for that destination called success can seem tediously unattainable. This book is a bird's-eye view of success in its purest form. It is comprised of simple concepts and constructs that have worked for the highest achievers in our society. My sincerest hope is that the formula 4 success becomes a catalyst to you achieving success in your life

Welcome to your journal for your journey! I appreciate you for tuning in and being available to your change, full potential, purpose, further development, and evolution – that which I am in pursuit of daily. The words that you will read and hopefully ingest over the next 52 weeks are intended to make you think, feel, study, interpret, and take action towards a better you. And while you’re working on the betterment of your mental, spiritual, and physical welfare, you will simultaneously have the opportunity to impact, influence, and perhaps enhance the lives of those around you. As you read each post, know that the passages, motivations, and inspirations have been developed from a wealth of experiences (personal and those of others), tribulations, lessons learned, wisdom gained, failures, successes, days of fear, moments of triumph, and in pursuit of purpose. But more importantly, these thoughts on paper are meant to live – and they cannot live on and serve their mission if you do not put them into action.

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