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The New Wealth Order Presents:

Glory In Your Story


One of the oldest as well as overlooked art-forms for years has been the art of storytelling. Our entire lives are composed of stories: Stories we have heard, Stories we believe, Stories that make us laugh and some that make us cry. We connect fastest when we feel like we know someone’s story


This workshop is for entrepreneurs, writers, professionals and organizations to learn how to craft a story. The ability to own and tell a unique story makes all the difference in connecting in any area of life business or personal.


You will learn


  • The science and best delivery systems to tell your story

  • What the 7 business narratives are  

  • The 7 plots used in story 

  • How to make your stories compelling, dynamic and mesmerizing 

  • Creating a fascinating online presence through your story 

  • How to create an intriguing introduction that connects with your ideal clients





Choose to be Exceptional!

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