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What day of the week has the most plans, and goals assigned; yet isn't Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

You see the title of the post... you have the answer.

When people are going to start the diet thats going to change their life, they assign it to...Tomorrow.

When people want to start that next business idea, they assign it to... Tomorrow.

When people need to go back to school, quit smoking or write that great book, they assign it to their faithful delegating workhorse... Tomorrow.

Sadly, Tomorrow can be quite the unfaithful runt.

Tomorrow never shows up on time and when he does.... rarely comes back with his desired deliverable. But does the blame really belong to him?

I will tell you that the task master, who delegates to Tomorrow, isn't much of a master at all. Find someone who knows how to make Today, their trusted steed...

...and watch their results.

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