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Stop Goal Mining

As previously posted on Medium

I know this type of topic is going to stir the pot some, especially since we all seem to be always talking about goals on virtually a daily basis. I feel there is something we can address here that is severely overlooked most of the time. When people talk of goals often they are speaking of something they are “trying” to achieve or obtain; something that they are striving for in the near or not so near future that they expect to give them a certain feeling of accomplishment. The complexity comes in when they fall short of those goals and feel dejected or inadequate because they didn’t attain said goal.

My feelings on the matter has changed tremendously over the last few years, I talk to my clients about making resolutions instead of goals because it transforms what used to be a target (would like to) into a firm committed decision. A resolution is often thought of only on New Year’s Day; the resolutions people make then really aren’t resolutions. They are flimsy hopes of which they have no real commitment to but they sound good because we all are looking to become better, do more, have more and help more. Though it seems crazy to think the truth is very few people know what a resolution is, they will tell you that they make goals throughout the year and don’t bother with resolutions. This I believe, is a major hang up for a large portion of the population not knowing how powerful words are and how they affect the way you feel, act and live.

A resolution also is a solution to a problem or dispute and isn’t that how we as entrepreneurs make our living?! If you truly resolved to do more things rather make something an aim how much farther would we be? How many more people could we help? How much better would we feel about ourselves?

So in a very visceral way what I am challenging anyone that reads this post to do is:

  1. Be more resolute- Make Resolutions

  2. Stop Goal Mining

  3. Check back with me in 30 days

Let me know if this changes your life the way it has mine as well as the people I serve.

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