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Success: who you owe and why

For many people the idea of success can be a daunting one. The perceived arrogance by the ubiquitous "them" is a problem that many entrepreneurs deal with. Sometimes it comes from upbringing; a parent or older sibling assuming that someone else "thinks they are better" because of some of achievement. After years of doing so it can seem like you owe it to the community, to stay in the box, and not grow beyond the socio-economic boundaries established as "for good people." Nothing could be further from the truth. For every struggle or sacrifice a loved one has made for your education, or to discipline you, there is an opportunity to pay them back in success. To show that you've made a sizable return on their time and financial investments earlier in life. To your loved ones (if they truly love you), there is no debt to pay, that success cannot satisfy. Go conquer, knowing that you're not just doing it for yourself, but that you will be able to share that success with all of those who wish you well. And if they didn't? They didn't matter anyway.

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