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Much too often, we spend our time putting our life on hold, wishing, waiting, wanting our life to get better. We set goals, which 80% of us never accomplish. We right plans, but unfortunately let fear overtake us in executing the dreams and visions. And in all of this, we end up settling for a mediocre life and debilitating thoughts of what could have been. If you stop for one focused moment, you would easily realize that this is no way to live; and you wouldn’t wish an average life on even your worst enemy.

Well, one of the biggest trick questions is, how much time do I have to get it right, to go for my dreams, to live a life with purpose…on purpose? Current and conventional “wisdom” may tell you it takes 21 days for a new habit to take effect and become part of your lifestyle. Others may say, if you do the new thing consistently for a month or three months, then it becomes habit. And still others may say – or you may even tell yourself – make a change, start something new, go for the dreams as part of your New Year’s resolution…perhaps when the kids go to college….or after you achieve some bank account and/or professional success. Don’t believe the lie!

The reality of the situation is, you have no more time to wait on changing your life for the greater and choosing a life filled with purpose, direction, impact, and influence! Tomorrow – even the very next moment – is not promised. So, given that your life can’t wait on you, and the time is NOW for you to become the Chief Life Officer (CLO) of your own existence, your friendly neighborhood leadership coach recommends you:

  1. ENVISION yourself in the life you’ve always desired and doing daily that very thing that makes you glow, flow, and that you just can’t help but do naturally.

  2. PLAN action one that you can take within 24 hours to actually take action on the vision you’ve been given.

  3. EXECUTE on the vision and the plan within 24 hours: Research, a conversation, register for training or a workshop, talk to your mentor or wise counsel and ask for help, set aside seed money to invest in yourself, start reading a book on your mission…do anything that causes you to move forward and leap in a life of purpose.

  4. EVOLVE into who you are supposed to be and the glimpse of greater self you see once you’ve begun to execute on your vision. Be willing to be transformed.

For the crossword enthusiast in you, you’ll realize the recommendation spells EPEE, a sharp-pointed dueling sword, designed for thrusting and used, with the end blunted, in fencing because I need for you to fight for your own life!

Purpose is calling for you to be the CLO of your life, and you simply can no longer wait to take the leap and fly! Stay inspired, people!

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